You are great people, and we love to share this journey with you.

We know, you haven’t heard from us for a while, however, we have met many of you personally ☺

At the beginning of February we moved to Mallorca for another 2 months. We were a bit afraid, as last year this time, it was snowing on the island. Nevertheless, we were very lucky and so far we have been treated summery weather and various wind. However, this year we love Mallorca even more, as we got the chance to sail with dolphins for couple of times!

First trainings were focused on boathandling. A week-long camps were pretty intense, packed with new exercises with the aim to improve our boathandling at starts. This week’s camp is all about racing and starting. The sailing field is very matched and the competition is strong.

Between the camps, we flew to Prague couple of times to meet our mental coach (thanks to Jachtarska Akademie), Sailing Awards, where we managed to win 2nd place overall in women’s category, additionally Sara won 2nd place in Juniors. A week ago we visited the For Boat show and had a nice interview with an online magazine Krasa Jachtingu. We are very thankful for all of our fans. You are great people, and we love to share this journey with you.

Besides trainings, we were preparing our campaign, which shall cover a part of our expenses for this year’s season, when we have the opportunity to qualify for the Olympics at the Worlds in New Zealand. Big thanks goes to Mirek from, who is an amazing help. If you haven’t seen the campaign yet, here you go!

But now, back to business,


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