I can lift heavy loads on bench press, does that mean I am strong?

Without proper training of the body, there won’t be any performance. Weak bodies, don’t perform. Either don’t weak minds. Mental training is one of the essentials for success.

Olympic skiff sailing is a challenging sport, which certainly requires a big amount of strength. Physical strength prevents athletes from injuries, contributes to better performance and makes life generally easier. These are very persuasive reasons for hitting the gym even after a sailing session. Being physically strong brings more confidence into the game. As every other sport, if not even more, sailing is a game. However, very often, strength steps aside, and mental toughness comes over to play its game. 

Many people still think, you have to have an issue to see a mental coach/therapist. You don’t. Let’s take a look into FX sailing. The more synchronized you are, the better your performance will be. The better your communication and understanding for each other, the easier you overcome challenges together. Now think, how difficult it is, always to be on the same wave with someone? How challenging it can be, to anticipate, what the other person is about to do, or how is he going to move? In order to excel, both teammates need to understand each other, share the same mind set and be able to solve problems efficiently. This all can be practiced. Just like you train your body in the gym, you can exercise with your mind to make it strong. Strong enough, to stay fresh during no-wind waiting games, keep positive and focused in critical situations. 

Strong body and strong mind are two complements. Once you have them, you win. Last year we acknowledged the importance of mental training and how important it is for us to work like a team in every condition. Support each other in each circumstances. The following season is going to be long and tough, therefore we are very happy that Jachtarska Akademie provided us with the support of mental coach, in order to achieve our goals.

Don’t forget, it’s all about the mind!


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