What was 2018 all about?

photo: Sailing Energy

We can remember, as if it was yesterday, when we launched in Cadiz for our first training in 2018. The past year was packed with experience, new places and memories. We started to work with a new coach, Ian Barker from UK, who taught us the importance of boat settings and systematic training. A couple of months of training with Ian and Swiss girls resulted in improved performance.  In May we welcomed our new boat Noora to the team and we attended our first World Cup in France. Besides, at that moment, we had no clue yet that we just met our future coach.

Summer Worlds in Danish Aarhus were meant to be the peak of the season. After a quick break we jumped into the boat again and hit the water in Slovenia for some training races and boathandling sessions, which continued till December. Portorose is a great place for training, which we fell in love with, for its variable conditions. However, winter was coming, so we decided to move to Sardinia for another two training camps. Cagliari is a very special place with quickly changing conditions and unstable offshore wind, which was a good training for the upcoming season. Besides sailing, we loved the bike rides along the beach every morning and evening, watching flamingos and sunsets. Heaven on Earth.

In December, we started with our physical preparation and until Christmas we had 2 camps in Prague, followed by two camps in January in Bratislava. High level of fitness is an essential part of the performance on a 49er, therefore a continuous physical training is necessary.

In 2018 we improved our performance significantly. It was a result of hard work on the water and in the gym, but we are sure, this would not be possible without all the people standing behind us. We still can’t believe, we are so lucky to meet all these great people along our journey.



Big THANK YOU goes to our parents, friends and supporters:



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